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What is a Traditional Hive?langstrothhive
In modern beekeeping, a Langstroth Hive (traditional Bee Hive) is any vertically modular beehive that accepts frames that are referred to as “Langstroth” frames. The actual dimensions of so-called Langstroth frames differ by region or manufacturer. Modern Langstroth hives have little in common with Rev LL Langstroth’s beehive that was originally patented in 1852 and manufactured until approximately 1920.

The original Langstroth frame dimensions are no longer in use. However, the core concept remains the same in the standard beehive used in many parts of the world for beekeeping.langstroth-wax-foundation
The advantage of this hive is that the bees build honeycomb into frames, which can be moved with ease. The frames are designed to prevent bees from attaching honeycombs where they would either connect adjacent frames or connect frames to the walls of the hive. The movable frames allow the beekeeper to manage the bees in a way which was formerly impossible.

A traditional hive has a lower box which contains brood and is the core of the hive where the bees breed. Boxes above the brood box are referred to as “supers” from which the Queen is prevented from accessing by means of an excluder. The frames in the supers contain only honey and can be readily removed for honey extraction.

What is Flow-hive?flow-hive
Flow Hive is an adaptation of a traditional hive. Whilst the brood box remains the same as a traditional hive the super is a modified box with access points and the flow frames are made of partly formed plastic honeycomb cells.

A word of Caution
Flow-hive is conceptually brilliant long term field trials will determine its success or benefit to bees and or beekeepers. Flow hive appeals mostly it seems to the enthusiastic new beekeepers who like the idea of ‘free’ honey but fear or don’t want contact with bees.
If however, you are expecting hands-off beekeeping you need to reconsider. You will at the very least still need to install the bees in the hive, ( Flow-hive does not come with bees) handle swarming, and open the hive occasionally to inspect for disease as well as manage hive beetle. You will need to check the brood box and replace old frames as well as check the health and viability of your Queen then replace her when the time is right.
If you are intending to buy a hive of any description JOIN A CLUB. If you buy hives and neglect them no matter what type of hive they are in time the bees will become victim to one of the many diseases that bees are susceptible to. Not only will this kill your hive/s it will spread the disease to other hives up to 5 kilometres away, even further via swarms. Whole regions can be affected. So if you want to help the world’s bee population make sure you know how to manage a healthy bee colony.

For more information about flow, hive visit the Flow Hive website:https://www.honeyflow.com.au/


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