From the left: Phil Geeves - President, George Pallot - Vice President, Noela Geeves - Secretary, Mike Trott - Assistant Secretary, Kellie Round - Tresurer,
Graham Yates - Commitee Member, Mark Merwald - Commitee Member, Darryl Ryan - Commitee Member,
Phil Corbett -Bee Flight Editor and Website Manager.

Ipswich & West Moreton Beekeepers Association, is 24 years old this year and has over 150 members, we have grown to become one of Australia's most active beekeeping clubs. We have members ranging from novices to experienced beekeepers who have been working with bees for decades. We all share a passion for the wonderful and remarkable world of the honey bee.

Ipswich & West Moreton Beekeepers Association meets on the first Tuesday of the month (except January) at 7.30pm until around 10.00pm. New members and visitors are welcome.

Meetings are held at The Humanities Centre, Corner of South and Nicholas Streets,Ipswich.

On a warm sunny day with a light wind and enough day left to let your bees warm up again before sundown open your hives

 “if you need a jacket its too cold “, at the very least.

1) Check the health of your hives, in particular check for AFB.

2) Check to see if you have a Queen by finding her or evidence she is laying.

3) Check to see if there is honey (food) for your bees. Consider if and when you need to rob them as part of your swarm management.

4) Look for signs of swarming.

5) Make space for your bees to allow the colony to grow.

Details of all these tips and how to manage your hives in Sringtime can be found in “The Bee Book” by peter Warhurst and Roger Goebel.

There are copies in our club library if you don’t have one.