Ipswich & West Moreton Beekeepers Association

Established in 1992 and has around 250 members.

We have grown to become one of Australia’s most active beekeeping clubs. We have members ranging from novices to experienced beekeepers who have been working with bees for decades. We all share a passion for the wonderful and remarkable world of the honey bee.

Ipswich & West Moreton Beekeepers Association meets on the first Tuesday of the month (except January) at 7.30pm until around 10.00pm. New members and visitors are welcome.


Our History
Ipswich and West Moreton Beekeepers Association was established at a meeting called by David Kinnell and Norm Hinton, at the Humanities Centre, South Street, Ipswich on the third of March, 1992.

The Association was Incorporated under the Queensland Association Incorporation Act 1981 on the third of May 1994, Certificate number 1A13460. Ron Smith, Vice President 1997/1998, updated the association’s rules during the period August 1997 to April 1998.
Our club continues to thrive with new members joining every month.

The Aims of our Association
To increase the knowledge of bees and bee culture.
To improve the standard of beekeeping among beekeepers, and assist in the information of sub-branches and affiliation with other bodies.
To assist in the study of subjects allied, and relevant to, apiculture.
To help establish and encourage honey, pollen and flora projects.
To foster intelligent observation and practical handling of bees.
To give advice and assistance on bees.
To arrange lectures, demonstrations, and field days, for the benefit of members.
To assist members in obtaining suitable apiculture material.
To seek out, and assist, people who are interested and qualified to carry out research work on bees and bee culture.

Club Meetings are held the on first Tuesday of every month except January at The Humanities Centre, Corner of South and Nicholas Streets, Ipswich. Visitors Welcome.

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